Reasons People Have Failed the PMP Exam

Written by Joseph Phillips

Many people attempt to get their PMP certification, and of course, not everyone succeeds on the first try. Proper preparation will lead to success, so here are a few things you can learn from those who haven’t passed the PMP certification exam. 

Failing to Study The PMBOK Guide

There is a general misconception that the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide. It isn’t however, the Guide is an important resource for passing the exam. Some people don’t read the Guide or just study it superficially. You should read the PMBOK Guide at least once to increase the chances of your success.

There are many good reference books for the PMP exam prep. You can determine which one is the best for you, but no other book or study material should replace the PMBOK Guide. If you decide to study from a reference book, then you should study both the Guide and the reference book. You can also study the Guide after completing your chosen reference book.

Fail to Attend a Formal 35 Hours Training Program

You must attend a formal PMP training as it is required by PMI to qualify for the PMP exam. It can greatly enhance your chances of passing. Some people avoid the training because of the cost. They think that they already have the requisite hours through college credits or through previous training.

Some others attend a cheap training program just for the sake of getting 35 contact hours. By doing these things, you can certainly save some money, but the cost of not attending a good training program can be very high.

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