CAPM Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition

I’m pleased to say that taking this course has definitely made me challenge myself to be more motivated , I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m amazed as to how far I’ve reached within this course. Thank you!
– Kristel Thomas

Passed my exam!!! This is an excellent course that covers everything you need to know for the exam. But remember to understand your ITTOs!
– Michael

Instructor is easy to listen to and communicates the information effectively. Easy to follow along with the PMBOK and take notes (or bookmarks). The quizzes are helpful as well.
– Bridget Wadden

Joe’s course was informative and exciting. I passed my CAPM on the first try – I loved the tests at the end of every chapter and the CAPM test exam at the end of the course. I used this course along with another three tests of 100 questions (by Joe as well). Keep moving forward!
– Temitope Odeleye

I passed my CAPM certification exam by just going through the whole course thrice. All the concepts are explained to every detail of PMBOK. Agile concepts and tailoring of knowledge areas is neatly covered and explained by Joseph. Thanks a lot.. I would 100% guarantee that if you do this course 2-3 times and understand the concepts clearly , there is no need to touch PMBOK. Every topic is already covered.
– Kaushik Das

I love the explanations of the terms and concepts throughout the course. taking this along with studying the PMBOK helps reinforce everything I’m learning and making me feel more confident.
– Dustin Whisenant

The course content is relevant and well laid out. While the subject is dry I think there’s a good deal of engaging content. Including a cameo by Vince Vaughn (lol!). I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get CAPM certified. I believe the course is well worth the money I spent for it.
– Frank

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PMP Exam Prep Seminar - PMBOK Guide 6

Really interesting course. Really good Teacher. Course full of attachments and very clear slides.
– Paolo Biagioni

Against other similar courses this one is presented in an interesting manner with value added information.
– Mohamad Alattar

Very helpful and clear!
– Odeliza Josephine

Yes, it definitely is a good match for me. I love Joseph’s positivity and also the fact that he started with educating us about PMP and who is qualified for it. Joseph explains very clearly and gives good examples.
– Malallai Zalmai

The professor is easy to follow and explains the content well.
– Alexa Clough

Joseph has been very encouraging and as simple as that may seem, it makes all the difference. I cannot wait to share my success story with him.
– Akinyemi Akinsola

It’s simply great and amazing.
– Muhammed Bello Abbas

Easy to understand. Recommend to everyone who wants to pass PMP exam.
– Loc Nguyen

This course is well taught and thorough. I enjoy the humor and positivity.
– Taylor Diaz

This course has really brought together all of the pieces of the process quite nicely. Would recommend to anyone interested in taking the PMP exam.
– Eric Saunders

I really enjoyed how thorough and detailed this course is. I took the PMP exam yesterday 12/7 and PASSED on the FIRST TRY! I attribute that to the fact that the assignments reinforced the learning and the exam questions were more challenging than the actual exam questions on the exam. If you are looking for a course to help you pass the PMP I recommend this course.
– Starlett Collins

The presenter is knowledgeable and engaging. The topics covered are in line with the PMBOK syllabus with useful exercises to reinforce the learning. I’m very pleased with the content and format. Update: I passed first time. Thank you so much Joseph – Full five stars awarded. I’m so happy! 🙂
– Dante Healy

I passed my PMP certification yesterday on my 1st attempt and all thanks to this course. Very informative covers everything required to pass your exam. No unnecessary information or over-complication of things, very much in line with PMBOK which makes it a perfect training course. No need to attend any classroom course, just go through this course several terms and read the PMBOK a few times, you will pass the exam. Thanks for this course and will definitely recommend it.
– Anudweipayan Bhattacharjee

This course is simplifying the PMP in a sort of way that makes it very clear and easy to understand.
– El Hassnaoui Hamza 

Hi, Joseph! Thanks a million times! I loved the way you taught the whole course. You made it look very easy and interesting. I have passed the test and a lot of credit goes to you. Thanks!
– Salah uddin Munis

I found this training better than a lot of other training available. Explanations are excellent.
– Faisal Jaffer

This has been a great match for my style of learning so far. Great down to earth examples being given.
– Keith Steding

Cover a lot of topics other missed. Learned terms her that are not in other courses.
– John coffman

Wonderful course. High quality insights and short & to-the-point slides.
– Silviu Zidaru

Very detailed oriented and helpful course! The best out there.
– Siddharth

Yes, I like the instructor and how the course is structured. I also like the assignments – very practical and helpful as reference material in the future.
– LucaD

Clear and easy to follow.
– Reynard Moolman

Feels good. I am learning a lot and the course content and velocity are appropriate for my personal knowledge and experience level.
– Florin-Adrian Burdea

So far I feel like the lectures are very informative and I love the repeat of information and the PMP Blitz Review. I didn’t realize there are two practice exams at the end. I thought the second one was too simple but it actually helped me to go back and learn the ITTOs better. The course was comprehensive and easy to follow. I really liked the course (gave it 5 stars) and will recommend….as it was recommended to me. When I pass I will update and tell others. Thank you!
– Stephanie Murrill 

The course has been very helpful. Though i need to go through it one more time to fully grasp the whole concept in preparation for my exams. I’m getting more comfortable. Thanks to Joe Phillips and Team for putting this course together.
– Olaniyi Victor

Clear and easy to follow.
– Reynard Moolman

Excellent way of communication which helps students understand better.
– Viswaja R

This is an awesome course!
– Sridhar Ramaswamy

Excellent job on the introduction. In part 1-3, Joseph gives an overview of how this video/course is structured. Joseph explains when you will receive your course completion certification, and how to obtain your certificate.
– Sherry Hargooa

I have taken some courses in the past but with this course I feel that I’m understanding the terms and get confidence to take the cert. Exam.
– Pedro Mayanga Herrera

This course is certainly detailed, beyond my expectations. This is an ideal package to understand the basic concepts, along with frequent quizzes to test your skills. I am sure this will certainly add in value for PMP prep.
– Hemant Joshi

I am enjoying this course. It is my second time taking a course. The first one I purchased was 100% slides, no teacher involved, and I found it super boring. I failed 1st attempt. I decided to retake the whole course, but with the different learning platform. That’s when I came across this course. This course is very informative, fast-paced, I like the teacher’s encouragement after each chapter, he helps you to believe you can do it. I appreciate the Coach sections – very helpful tips! I want to thank Joseph for a great course! I am certain I will pass Exam now (it will be my second attempt).
– Alona Thompson

The course is really informative, organized and most importantly, he teaches the way it’s not boring at all!!!
– Rana

Learned a lot from this course, it made me think how to look at the processes in PMBOK Guide. I Thank joseph for making this course available at affordable price.
– Ravi Kiran

I love this course really!
– Aliya Asadzade

Great Course! First, I want to thank Joseph for putting this well constructed course together. The course, along with 8 years of project management experience, aided in my passing the PMP on the first attempt just a few days ago. I didn’t feel the need to use other resources. Thanks! Secondly, I want to ensure current students of the course to trust the material! You cannot memorize your way to passing the PMP. However, if you diligently go through this course and learn the materials AND think about application you can do it!
– Donald Boyd

Really learned a lot from it!
– Leslie Chou

Lectures are great! I love the mobile app! I can take the lecture wherever I go.
– Cindy Pulley

Joseph clearly articulates information. Easy to follow.
– Charlene Hodgin

Purchased course via mobile phone. I was able to start right away and the quality is amazing. Instructor is also very knowledgeable, clear and well-spoken and professional.
– Chase

This is the second time I study with Joe’s guides and they are amazing. I really recommend this courses, he explains simple, direct and with good examples. In my first course, I earn my certification and this course helped me do that.
– Walter Oswaldo Herrera Santa Olalla

Excellent quality, engaging presenter.
– Scott Johnson

Excellent course ware and equally good style of presentation and delivery. I learnt a lot. Thank you very much for this,
– Ram Krishna

This Course is very useful and covers all needed topic by clearly explaining.
– Gultekin Rzayeva

Many many thanks to Joseph Philips and the team! I cleared my PMP on 2 Dec. The course content is great for sure, but I also want to mention the teacher’s coaching style and all the encouraging talk. I viewed the videos twice, did the final quizzes twice, map out the ITTOs (frustrating, but helpful) and also remembering all the 49 processes. Thanks again to Joseph Philips and the team!
– Will Chen

Well organized and easy to follow and understand. Thank you.
– Evelyn Ramirez

It was an excellent match for me. Love the way Joseph explains the material. Will let you know in two weeks, if I got the exam! Thank you for the course, Joseph!
– Irina Cissa

It’s awesome! Very, very informative and a very engaging instructor.
– Folake Olatoye-Ojo

Joseph really does an exceptional job with what can be very dry material. I believe there were many retakes as the presentation quality is top-notch and he has clearly invested a phenomenal amount of work and effort into this course. Also appreciate the value point which can’t be beat. Can’t recommend it enough!
– Jacey Groenewald

This is a fantastic course and provides excellent preparation for achieving the Project Management Professional certification. I sat and passed the PMP exam yesterday in Zurich, Switzerland. I rate Joseph Phillips and his team as Above Target: Your performance exceeds the requirements! Thank you.
– Robert

This course allows me to get a glimpse of the workload and also keeps me engaged. Thanks, Joseph!
– Marc Montana

Very clear and easy to grasp.
– Tosin

Excellent course. Really helps you set pace for PMP prep.
– Akshit Kapoor

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Beginning Project Management: Project Management Level One

Amazing course, amazing instructor, good content. I hope this instructor is offering more classes on Udemy just like this one. Course worth every penny.
– Slawek Goetz

I felt the course was very informative and provided a good starting point for me.
– Jerry Cooper

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